Montag, 28.07.2014

Travelbee flies back home …

It is a weird feeling, after such a long time. Even though I had this feeling a couple of times already, it is always different. I am ready to come home, to see my family again and my friends. Moving out, start of Uni also helps not to be too sad to leave. However, I leave with a mixed feeling. I made so many good friends in Australia and now in Vanuatu as well. I gained so many new experiences with kids, people and everything else. I learned so much about myself again and I don't regret anything I have done. It was an amazing time, I will never forget ! Thank you Australia and thank you Vanuatu :)


Montag, 28.07.2014

Last day in Vanuatu ...

Well today was a really good day, again !

I woke up with lots of energy :) At like 10ish, I walked to the top of the road to catch a local bus. The busdriver and his friend were so nice, they said if I ever come back to Vanuatu, I should visit them and that I am their sister now. Haha ! He is also taking me to the airport tomorrow, so nice.

Arriving at the Cascade waterfalls, I started making my way up to the waterfall. Beautiful !!! But there were too many tourists which was super annyoing ! When I came back down I caught another bus. This time, the busdriver was my age and had been to Fiji and so we talked for a long time. He drove me back to the city again for free and offered me to pick me up for kava in the afternoon !

So in the afternoon I went to the Café to have some lunch first ( Lentilwrap and Quinoasalad :)))) )and when I was back, I started packing and had a shower. At 4 o'clock, Ruben picked me up and we went to the kavabar to have a shell of kava. It was super funny !  

Montag, 28.07.2014

It's Fridaaaaaay

Diving again, what else ?! :):):)

7:30 am dive again. Two dives. Amazing !

First one was called Fish City where we saw tons and tons of fish, nudibranches, flatworms and a Lionfish ! Second dive was called Ollies Lolly, where we, again, saw heaps of fish, nudis and a breeding location of Nemos. Lots of soft corals as well :)

In the afternoon, I went for a run and enjoyed a coke at the cafe where I finally had some Wifi as well :P



Montag, 28.07.2014

Last dive

Today was my last dive :( But it was a good one ! Wreckdiving again ! Down at 33 metres, there was a big shipwreck, called „Star of Russia“. Flatworms, Nudibranches, and Tuna included ! That was the deepest dive I have done so far and I did pretty well :) The rest of the day, I went into town again, enjoyed my last fruitsalad and I talked to a local lady who had a 18 months old son that was very interested in my headphones. It started raining, I got cold and decided to stay in my dorm for the rest of the day. Did some packing and relaxed pretty much the rest of the time :P

Montag, 28.07.2014


So this morning I had a pretty nice sleep-in :P 8:30 ! Recordtime haha

I woke up, had breakfast and went into town to get some wifi and buy some more fresh fruit and veggies from the markets :)

After that, I had some pawpaw and raspberries for lunch and head down to the diveboat. It was cruiseboat – day, which basically means, lots of stupid people who want to dive. So some other people and me kinda got a privat group and could dive the wreck together which was nice :) The visibility was quite alright, but still pretty blurry. Down at 26 meters, we went into the shipwreck and it was pretty cool to dive inside a ship ! Oh yeah and Nemo tried to attack me ! Haha … they do that because they are trying to protect their territory. I found someone that will send me all the pictures of the dives we have done, I am so happy about that :)

Montag, 28.07.2014

Third day and diving again !

Oh and it was amazing ! The weather wasn't on our side though (raining …), so we had to switch divesides for the first dive. On our way there, we saw a whale ! It was like 8 metres (or less) away from us and kept following our boat . Bummer we didn't see it underwater … However, the first dive wasn't as good as the second, because we had 2 other people in our group who were just horrible divers and so they had 40 bar left after 31 minutes (compared : I had 120 left …)

The second dive was amazing though ! It was called Twin Bommies and we saw an Octopus, Nudibranches, Pipefish, Nemos and lots of other cool fish ! That was my favourite dive so far :)

In the afternoon, I had some lunch (Fish and Veggies) and basically just enjoyed the sun for the rest of the day until the sun went down :)

Montag, 28.07.2014

All around the island - Tour

Oh how incredible that day was. At first I thought it might be a huge tour with lots of tourist, but it was a local company that did the tour, so kind of a secret spot to go to :P 9am (islandtime, so 9:30) was pickup and we started the tour. Manu(el), the local tourguide, explained all sorts of things to us throughout the tour and answered all the questions. We were a group of 8 people (Australians and me haha). First stop was blue lagoon where we also had our morning tea. It was absoluteley beautiful to jump into this lagoon !!! Morning tea was so delicious : fresh coconutwater, coconut, pawpaw, banana and grapefruit :) Next stop was the warrior village. They jumped out of the jungle when we arrived and danced for us. Very touristy, but cool :)

After that we visited a local school and got to see the classrooms. For Lunchtime we went to a sneaky little beach which was beautiful ! We had local food, so beef, fish with curry/coconut sauce, pawpaw-salad, grapefruit and spinach . YUMMY ! In the end, they showed to us, how to make fresh coconutmilk. So Manu, climbed up a palmtree, got a coconut, cracked it open and then grated it over a plate full of coconut water. After that, they mixed it all together and ready is the coconut milk !

Last stop was another beach where we had our afternoon coffee :) I learned so much about Vanuatu today and I am so glad that I did this tour. It supports the locals, I got to see the entire island and I don't feel like I haven't seen or done anything in only one week :P

Montag, 28.07.2014

Diving time !

Yes today was my first time diving again :) Two dives in a row yaaay !

It was amazing :) First one was down to 23 metres along a coral-wall with lots of parrotfish, nemos, etc. . Second dive was a swim-through with a huge school of fish. Super cool !

For the rest of the day, I went to the markets and got some fresh fruit and veggies to cook some dinner for the next days and I booked my tour to do the Island Safari !  

Montag, 28.07.2014


Welcome to the Happiest Country of the World !

Yes indeed ! It reminds me a lot of Fiji, even though it is very different at the same time.

My first day in Vanuatu was very relaxed. I didn't sleep much and went for a „exploring“ run in the morning to get to know the town. After that I explored the town and all the little shops and got myself organized for the next days.


Montag, 28.07.2014

Byron Bay


Definitely the best place in Australia ! I loved it so so so much ! Well let's describe it in simple words : Crazy, freaky, hippie, organic, beautiful. That describes the town AND the people.

I stayed in a hostel for 2 weeks. Orignally I wanted to do free accomodation work in the hostels to safe some money, but in the end I decided, that I worked enough and really really need some time for myself without working. It worked out somehow :)

The hostel was great ! Lots of germans though haha … But some of them were really really nice and inspirational people .

In the first week, I didn't do much. Mostly running during the day, visiting the town and a movie in the evening. One day, me and Lena (german girl) ran up to the Lighthouse, which was amazing ! On the weekend (1stt Sunday of the month), we went to the Byron Bay markets. So many beautiful things to see and buy , including artistic Ukulele designs .

Byron Bay is one of the most Glutenfree/Vegan/organic places I have been to so far and it was nice to get healthy food which is also locally grown.

In my second week I met a german couple from Munich, Hannah and Lukas. We went to the beach to see the sunset, talked a lot, ate cake, and the best of all : We watched the Worldcup Final all together and had a amazing breakfast after we won ! A FEAST is a better word !


I fell in love with this place, and I think it's because noone in Byron Bay cares about anything. Everyone is happy, relaxed (rather because of too much weed or natural …), friendly and a little bit freaky. Noone cares about how you look, how much you weigh, where you come from . And that was a really good experience for me :)




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